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Get laid 中文

(laid在劍橋英語-中文(繁體)詞典的翻譯 © Cambridge University Press) get laid的意思、解釋及翻譯:to have sexto have sex: 。了解更多。 be laid up.

  • 我昨晚滚了今年第一次床单。 中文: get laid vi + adj: slang (have sex) (俚语) SC Simplified Chinese 与某人发生(性)关系,上床 yǔ mǒu rén fā shēng xìng guān xì,shàng chuáng (俚语,指发生性关系) SC Simplified Chinese 滚床单: I got laid last night for the first time in a year.
  • get 是得到,而laid呢,是lay的過去式,有放下的意思, 所以合起來,叫做"一夜情",有猜到嗎 除了one night stand 以外呢,也可以用get laid這個詞, 小編一開始還以為是平躺在那的意思 LOL
  • 到了周末,我服摇头丸,与他人上床,我根本不运动!. get 英 [get] 美 [ɡɛt] vt. 得到; 抓住; 说服; 受到(惩罚等); vt get laid 英 [ɡet leɪd] 美 [ɡɛt led] [词典] 与人发生关系,俚语中翻译成“上床”,破处; [例句]On weekends, I pop pills, get laid, and don't exercise at all.

There are kids speedrunning this game too and seriously wouldnt want this community to get in trouble for adults inciting kids to "practice get laid%" 發音: "laid" 中文翻譯: lay1 的過去式和過去分詞。. get a first prize 获得头奖。. ThunderBladelike this. "laid" 中文翻译: lay1 的过去式和过去分词。. "get" 中文翻譯: vt. laid out 〔美俚〕负伤的;昏过去的,昏厥的;喝醉的。. (got; 〔美、古〕 gotten; getting)获得;赚得;赢得,博得,取得。. 中文翻译 手机版. get a first prize 獲得頭獎。. get a lot of money 得到許多錢。. get more than one lay翻译:放下, 放置,安放,平放, 计划,研究(方法), 躺, (lie的过去式), 产卵, 产(卵);产(蛋), 性交, 与(某人 What Komali said. laid out 〔美俚〕負傷的;昏過去的,昏厥的;喝醉的。. (got; 〔美、古〕 gotten; getting)獲得;賺得;贏得,博得,取得。. get a lot of money 得到许多钱 I wish more people would give it a try to warrent a leadboard (also so I can upload my pb which is garbage anyway). "get" 中文翻译: vt.

In modern society’s eyes, if a girl hooks up with a guy, she's easy. Used especially in the passive construction "get laid." As a teenager, I worried and thought about getting laid almost constantly. get laid (third-person singular simple present gets laid, present participle getting laid, simple past got laid, past participle (UK) got laid or (US) gotten laid) (slang, intransitive, often vulgar) To have sex, especially with a new partner or after a period of abstinence. One of the defining philosophies that were born out of the pickup artist community is the idea that you got to understand the shame women feel around hooking up. It was at that point in the date that she decided she wanted to lay himnoun An act or instance of sexual intercourse. quotations verb To have sexual intercourse (with someone). If a guy hooks up with a girl, he's the hero It's been way too long since my last lay Step 2) Shame Defence.

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